Tactical Orange Distribution

Thank you very much for your distributor inquiry for Tactical Orange™

-What is Tactical Orange™?

Tactical Orange™ is a lab-tested high performance product scientifically engineered to quickly increase your vitamin, mineral and electrolyte intake before/during AND after physical exertion.

Tactical Orange™ was formulated by Search & Rescue professionals based on their operational experiences in the field, in collaboration with medical and nutritional professionals working with some of the worlds top athletes. Effervescent tablets dissolve completely in water allowing for immediate and complete absorption of critical ingredients. Tactical Orange™ contains essential minerals and vitamins to replenish and rebalance lost electrolytes due to sweating and physical exertion.

Each tube contains 10 effervescent tablets. Ingredients and additional information can be found on our Ingredients page

-How Do I Get Started?

Please download our DEALER APPLICATION, print/fill-out the form and fax to 1-818-301-7458 (24-hour order line)

If you have specific order questions please email Sales (at) TacticalOrange.com
This email is only for wholesale order questions or bulk orders via email. Full product details and retail sales can be found at www.TacticalOrange.com Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you to our family of ultra-successful distributors!